Legal Concierge

We've taken our passion for healthcare one step further, and modeled our law firm after leading industry concepts.  Our practice of Concierge Law specializes in the delivery of personalized, comprehensive, and meaningful services to healthcare providers.  We're the only national healthcare law firm offering physicians, and other healthcare professionals, unlimited access to a legal concierge.  We:

  • Personalize our services and prices after a free initial consultation
  • Replaced the traditional paralegals and billable hours, with lead attorneys and capitated (flat-fee) payment arrangements
  • Compensate our attorneys based on value and client satisfaction
  • Emphasize the provision of services that integrate legal experience and medical business knowledge
  • Commit to continuity of service by offering discounts on future services
  • Use online tools to advocate for and collaborate with our clients
  • Remain connected and available to our clients around the clock
  • Make house calls
  • Offer telelaw services to facilitate the flow of information among lawyers, clients, experts, and other resources 


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