A Physician’s Firm, LLC is a national healthcare law and consulting firm, committed to providing practical legal and business solutions to healthcare professionals.  We will walk you through every step and keep you informedas excellent client relations is our top priority.  Our firm is recognized by healthcare professionals as an integral part of their business and personal planning.  We are healthcare attorneys skilled in the business of medicine, who can help you:

  • Review your contract or employment agreement, to protect your interest before a problem arises
  • Understand your malpractice insurance requirements, to minimize payment and maximize your coverage
  • Organize, plan, or improve your healthcare business, to lower risks and costs
  • Review the steps needed to start your practice, from HIPAA compliance to hospital credentialing
  • Protect your business and personal assets from judgments
  • Plan your estate to protect it against claims, avoid probate, and minimize tax liability
  • Protect your income, maximize your wealth, payoff debts, and plan for future expenses
  • Manage your work visa or immigration status, to increase your chances of getting hired


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